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Background documents

  • National Broadband Plans
    This report examines broadband plans across the OECD area, providing an overview of common elements and goals in those plans. An annex in this report contains references and links to the plans.
  • Next Generation Access Networks and Market Structures
    This report focuses on developments in broadband market structures emerging from the deployment of high-speed broadband services and the policy and regulatory implications. The aim is to underline good practices for policy and regulation. A separate annex to the report contains selected country descriptions and background information drawn on for this report
  • Fibre Access – Network Developments in the OECD Area
    This report examines the use of fibre to provide local access networks for the provision of broadband access. Countries across the OECD are adopting different approaches to stimulate investment and to define the terms of competition to end-users in a fibre to the home or building world.

Other relevant work

  • Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation Released in June 2011, the Communications Outlook examines recent developments in the communications sector.
  • Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation Released in November 2010, the Information Technology Outlook 2010 examines recent developments in the IT and Internet sector.
  • The Protection of Children Online
    Risks faced by children online and policies to protect them. 
  • The Economic and Social Role of Internet Intermediaries
    Internet intermediaries give access to, host, transmit and index content originated by third parties or provide Internet-based services to third parties.
  • The Role of Digital Identity Management in the Internet Economy: A Primer for Policy Makers
    This paper aims to provide policy makers a broad-brush understanding of the various dimensions of digital identity management (IdM).
  • The Evolving Privacy Landscape: 30 Years After the OECD Privacy Guidelines
    This paper recalls the Guidelines' influence and describes a number of trends in the processing of personal data and the privacy risks in this evolving environment.
  • Virtual Worlds
    This report provides an overview of the potential benefits but also limitations of virtual worlds for enhancing collaboration, creativity, and learning across society. It analyses to what extent virtual worlds provide platforms for new and experimental interactions and can thus be considered a catalyst behind the changing nature of innovation, as discussed in particular in the OECD Innovation Strategy. The report also examines the main drivers as well as barriers and challenges for the diffusion of virtual worlds.





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