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Towards Green ICT Strategies



Improving environmental performance, tackling global warming and enhancing resource management are high on the list of global challenges that must be urgently addressed. This report analyses government programmes and business initiatives on ICT and the environment to address environmental challenges, particularly global warming and energy use.


The OECD Ministerial Meeting on the Future of the Internet Economy in June 2008 concluded that research and analysis of the environmental impact of ICTs and the Internet and the introduction of appropriate policies are essential for the development of the global Internet economy.

ICT innovation is a key element to achieve OECD government objectives in response to the economic crisis and environmental challenges. Work undertaken by the OECD Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy (ICCP) is particularly relevant for the Meeting of the OECD Council at Ministerial Level in June 2009, where governments co-ordinate international policy approaches to build a “stronger, cleaner, fairer economy”, as well as the United Nations Climate Change Conference  in December 2009 (COP15).

Ongoing work


• Development of a framework for analysis of ICTs and environmental challenges. The aim is to comprehensively model environmental effects of ICT production, use and their application across industry sectors.

• Analysis of existing indicators and statistics on the relationship between ICTs and the environment with the aim of improving availability and comparability of official statistics.

• Identification of priority areas for policy action including life cycle analyses of ICT products and assessments of ICT applications to address environmental challenges. This includes the potential of sensor-based technologies and broadband networks to monitor and address climate change and facilitate energy efficiency across all sectors of the economy.

Further information

• Overview of OECD work on ICTs, the Environment and Climate Change.
• The Seoul Declaration for the Future of the Internet Economy, June 2008
• OECD Conference “Using Sensor-Based Networks to address Global Issues: Policy Opportunities and Challenges”, 8-9 June 2009, Lisbon, Portugal.
• OECD Workshop on “ICTs and Environmental Challenges”, May 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark
• OECD work on sustainable manufacturing and eco-innovation


• Graham Vickery, Head of Information Economy Group,
• Arthur Mickoleit, Policy Analyst Information Economy Group,  


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