Digital economy

Relations with non-member countries


In the area of ICT measurement, the OECD is building relationships with non-OECD countries in a variety of ways. One way is by participation of countries, such as China, India, Russia and Brazil at OECD meetings on ICT measurement, as observers or ad-hoc observers. The OECD also works with existing networks, for example in Asia and Latin America, dealing with the topic of ICT measurement. In addition the OECD participates in the global Partnership for Measuring ICT for Development.

The main objectives of this Partnership are:

(i) to agree on a common set of core ICT indicators that are comparable at the international level.
(ii) to assist in building statistical capacity in the developing countries.
(iii) to set up a global database to host the data of the core ICT indicators.

Several workshops on ICT statistics have been held, including a Thematic Meeting, which agreed an initial core list of indicators for ICT measurement. This core list and accompanying methodological information (available in English, French and Spanish) were presented to policymakers and statisticians during a parallel event of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

The OECD’s main contribution to the capacity building objective of the Partnership is the Guide to Measuring the Information Society, documenting the statistical work of the Working Party on Indicators for the Information Society (WPIIS) and related work being done in the OECD and elsewhere.



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