Digital economy

OECD Information Technology Outlook 2002


Information technology (IT) continues to be a major driver of economic change, restructuring businesses, affecting skills and employment, and contributing significantly to growth and wealth creation. This volume describes:

  • Main trends in industries and businesses supplying IT goods and services.
  • The impact of IT diffusion, and the growing importance of network effects.
  • Recent market dynamics and globalisation of the ICT sector.
  • The rapidly growing and evolving software sector.
  • Growth in electronic commerce and barriers to expansion.
  • Developments and mismatches in supply and demand for ICT skills, and potential remedies.
  • Diffusion of ICTs and the digital divide among individuals, households and businesses.
  • Technological developments that will affect the commercial exploitation and impacts of ICTs.
  • IT policies in OECD countries, with emphasis on ICT skills and overcoming the digital divide.

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