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  • 26-October-2017


    Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI): Intelligent machines, smart policies

    As autonomous and self-taught machines become part of our everyday lives, what sort of policy and institutional frameworks should guide AI design and use? This event brought together policymakers, civil society representatives and AI experts from industry and academia to discuss the role of policy and international co-operation in ensuring that AI benefits society as a whole.

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  • 12-October-2017


    What artificial intelligence really means for policy makers

    The OECD Digital Economy Outlook 2017 looks at the potential and risks associated with the rapid development of AI and robots. Their use will bring new opportunities to raise incomes, create new types of jobs and businesses and improve economic and social well-being, but there will be costs and bumps along the way.

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  • 11-October-2017


    OECD Digital Economy Outlook 2017

    The biennial OECD Digital Economy Outlook examines and documents evolutions and emerging opportunities and challenges in the digital economy. It highlights how OECD countries and partner economies are taking advantage of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and the Internet to meet their public policy objectives. Through comparative evidence, it informs policy makers of regulatory practices and policy options to help maximise the potential of the digital economy as a driver for innovation and inclusive growth.
  • 2-October-2017


    OECD expert workshop: Enhanced access to data - Reconciling risks and benefits of data re-use

    This workshop, taking place in Copenhagen on 2-3 October 2017, will examine how enhanced access to data can maximise social and economic benefits while addressing legitimate concerns of individuals, organisations and governments. Dedicated sessions will cover open data, community-based data sharing agreements, data markets and data portability.

  • 3-July-2017


    Data-driven innovation for growth and well-being

    Greater access and use of data creates a wide array of policy issues, such as privacy and consumer protection, open data access, skills and employment, and measurement to name a few. The OECD is undertaking extensive analysis on the role of data in promoting innovation, growth and well-being.

  • 7-June-2017


    Determinants of digital technology use by companies

    This paper contributes to our understanding of digital technology usage by assessing changing patterns in the use of hardware and software and identifying the extent to which various plant characteristics and policy environments correlate with ICT investment. The results suggest notable changes in the use of a number of digital technologies across countries between 2000 and 2012.

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  • 12-January-2017

    English, PDF, 8,238kb

    Key Issues for Digital Transformation in the G20

    This report provides an assessment of G20 economies’ performance with respect to digitalisation and examines some of the most pressing policy challenges in areas spanning from access to digital infrastructures to digital security to legal frameworks. It includes a set of 11 core policy recommendations that could underpin a comprehensive G20 digital agenda.

  • 17-November-2016


    Technology Foresight Forum 2016 on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly permeating our economies and societies, and already underpins over 50% of global financial transactions. This event aimed to help policy makers identify and understand AI-related opportunities and challenges.

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  • 6-October-2016


    Mobile technology-based services for global health and wellness: Opportunities and challenges

    OECD expert consultation co-sponsored by Harvard Global Health Institute, Swedish Vinnova, Canada Health Infoway and Global Coalition on Aging, held in Boston on 5-6 October 2016.

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  • 23-June-2016

    English, PDF, 2,259kb

    Ministerial Declaration on the Digital Economy (Cancun Declaration)

    Ministerial Declaration on the Digital Economy: Innovation, Growth and Social Prosperity.

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