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  • 1-March-2001


    Inventory of Consumer Protection Laws, Policies and Practices Applied to Electronic Commerce (STI Digital Economy Paper 54)

    A comprehensive inventory of existing consumer protection laws, fair business, fair marketing and disclosure requirements in the context of electronic commerce.

  • 31-January-2000


    Annual Reports on Consumer Policy in OECD Countries -- 1999

    The OECD regularly publishes annual reports produced and submitted by OECD Member countries. These annual reports are the only regularly published inventory of consumer policy measures in OECD Member countries.

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  • 9-December-1999


  • 30-November-1999


    Online Advertising and Marketing Directed Toward Children (STI Digital Economy Paper 46)

    OECD Committee on Consumer Policy Forum Session on Online Advertising and Marketing Directed toward Children, intended to provide information on how OECD Member countries are dealing with issues related to children and the Internet.

  • 1-January-1998

    English, , 82kb

    Electronic Commerce: Prices and Consumer Issues for Three Products: Books, Compact Discs and Software (STI Digital Economy Paper 32)

    Rapid technological advances in information and communication technologies and their widespread diffusion have led some to speculate about "frictionless" economies where transaction costs are nearly zero, barriers to entry and contestability disappear and markets clear instantly.

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