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OECD Review of Telecommunication Policy and Regulation in Mexico





Pages: 140
30 January 2012
ISBN 978-92-64-060104

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OECD countries have recognised the increasing role played by the telecommunications sector as a means of improving productivity and economic growth while enabling governments to improve provision of public services. Mexico, with the lowest GDP per capita in the OECD, a high inequality of income distribution, and a relatively high rural population, needs the socio-economic boost provided by greater access to more efficient communication services, in particular high speed broadband.


This report reviews telecommunications policy and regulations in Mexico and puts forward a number of recommendations to achieve efficiency in telecommunication markets.

Table of contents


Executive summary: An overall assessment

Chapter 1. The telecommunication sector in Mexico

  • The national context for telecommunications policies
  • Telecommunication market participants, market performance and the regulatory regime
  • Development of competition

Chapter 2. Regulatory structures and their reform

  • Regulatory institutions
  • The regulatory regime
  • Regulations and related policy instruments in the telecommunication sector
  • Regulation of interconnection
  • Price regulation
  • Competition policy
  • Convergence in communication markets
  • Next generation access
  • Quality of service
  • Resource issues (spectrum, infrastructure sharing)
  • Universal service
  • International aspects
  • Consumer protection and empowerment
  • Streamlining regulation and application of competition principles

Chapter 3. Conclusions and recommendations

Annex A. Regulatory decisions and the judicial process (2005-2010)

Annex B. Ofcom vs. Cofetel: Competencies in telecommunications and spectrum policy

Annex C. Estimation of loss in consumer surplus resulting from excessive pricing



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