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February 2011 issue
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OECD estimates economic impact of shutting down Internet and mobile phone services in Egypt

The current shutdown of Internet and communications services in Egypt will have a pronounced economic impact. It is estimated to have incurred direct costs of at minimum USD 90 million in lost revenues due to blocked telecommunications and Internet services. However, this amount does not include the secondary economic impacts which resulted from a loss of business in other sectors affected by the shutdown of communication services e.g. e-commerce, tourism and call centres.

The OECD (ICCP/WPIE) was engaged in a country review of Egypt’s ICT policies when news broke about the Internet shutdown in Egypt. For more information, see

•    OECD press note

•    Euronews TV feature (available in 10 languages)

•    International press coverage, e.g. BBC, Le Figaro, India Economic Times


OECD-NSF Workshop "Building a Smarter Health and Wellness Future", to be held in Washington, 15-16 February 2011

This invitation-only workshop to be held in Washington, DC will review how new high-speed and mobile applications, connected devices, social networks, and related cutting-edge smart technological developments can provide unique and unprecedented opportunities for developing an environment and services that can help address the health and wellness challenges of our ageing society, stimulating collaboration and innovation on a global scale.

Workshop on Consumer Protection in Online and Mobile Payments, Paris, OECD 15 April 2011

Innovative online and mobile payments services have emerged in recent years. Despite the benefits such systems may bring, a number of issues need to be resolved to improve the consumer experience in the marketplace.
On 15 April, the OECD Committee on Consumer Policy will hold a workshop with key payments stakeholders to discuss challenges and ways to address them.

High Level Meeting on “The Internet Economy:  Generating Innovation and Growth” in Paris, OECD on 28-29 June 2011

The ICCP Committee will be holding a High Level Meeting on “The Internet Economy:  Generating Innovation and Growth” in Paris on 28-29 June 2011.  The aim of the meeting is to reach a consensus on how best to ensure the continued growth and innovation of the Internet economy.  The agenda includes sessions on:  broadband access; the role of broadband in innovation , economic growth and social development;  balancing policy goals to strengthen growth; and policy making principles for an open Internet.  Website to be launched shortly at: www.oecd.org/internet/innovation


Information Technology Outlook, November 2010

The information technology industry is set to grow by over 4% in 2011 but a return to pre-crisis levels of growth remains unlikely, according to the 2010 edition of the OECD Information Technology Outlook. The report also confirmes the trend of companies moving their production to lower-cost locations in OECD countries and Asian economies. Services provision now accounts for an average of 80% of total ICT sector value in the OECD-area.

The Role of Internet Services Providers in Botnet Mitigation, November 2010

Botnets – networks of computers infected by malware – are critical security threats. Based on the analysis of 109 billion spam messages, this working paper considers whether ISPs can be critical control points for botnet mitigation, how the number of infected machines varies across ISPs and why. 

Smart ICTs and Green Growth, September 2010

"Smart” ICTs can play a key role in addressing the green growth challenge in energy, transport and water management. The OECD held a technology foresight forum in Paris to discuss environmental opportunities, existing barriers and some potential risks to the wider roll-out of smart infrastructures. The website has the online webcast, presentations and an analytical background report for download.


WPISP-WPIE Roundtable -- The Economics of Personal Data and Privacy: 30 Years after the OECD Privacy Guidelines, December 2010

The third and final event marking the 30th anniversary of the OECD Privacy Guidelines, this Roundtable examined the economic dimensions of personal data and privacy. Participants considered how data generates value to individuals, organisations, and society more broadly. More particularly, it has focused on understanding the uses and value of personal data in the private sector, as well as the emergence of a privacy profession and other issues related to the business of privacy.

OECD Conference -- The Evolving Role of the Individual in Privacy Protection: 30 Years after the OECD Privacy Guidelines, Jerusalem, October 2010 

Hosted by the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority, and with opening speeches by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and OECD Deputy Secretary-General Richard Boucher, the conference focused on the changing role of individual for privacy. The main sessions focused on: (I) The Individual as Creator and Disseminator of Personal Data (II) Aggregation, Analytics, Identity and the Individual (III) Awareness, Choice and the Individual, and (IV) Innovations in Privacy Protection.


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