Sustainable Development - The Future Is Now


Our world is showing signs of reaching critical thresholds in all of its major systems. Striking a balance between the needs and resources of today and tomorrow poses tough choices. What tools can help us decide how best to manage our systems for the long term?

Chapter 4 looks at the need for forward-looking thinking to achieve sustainable development and the tools available to help this thinking. It also stresses the need to act now, since many of the issues future generations will have to deal with are already present today, and the more we wait the more difficult it will be to tackle them

Did you know?
CO2 emissions take some time before their impact is felt in the atmosphere, so it’s now too late to prevent existing emissions from fuelling climate change. An aggressive global effort could mitigate these rises, however, to the baseline level shown in the graphic. Find out more in Sustainable Development on line.

Changes in CO2 concentrations over time, 2000 to 2050

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