Sustainable Development - Challenges of a Global World


In today’s interdependent world, economic trends that start in one country affect many others, and national economies are affected by the internationalisation of production and international trade. Resource management, pollution control and climate phenomena are all issues that by their nature reach beyond geographic borders, making the challenges of sustainability a priority shared by countries and communities everywhere.

Chapter 3 looks at how sustainable development can formulate the central question that ties together our contemporary globalised society: how can we grow in a way that maintains the achievements in health and living standards in the developed world and continues to raise living standards for those who still lag behind without permanently damaging the world we depend on?

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The UN’s Human Development Index is a measure of human well-being based on factors such as life expectancy, literacy rates, education levels and GDP per capita. See the graphic below from Chapter 3, or find out more from the UN.


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