Human Capital - Table of contents


Foreword by Angel Gurria, Secretary-General of the OECD

Chapter 1. Introduction: Investing for Change
Globalisation, the shift to the knowledge economy and ageing populations mean societies need to find solutions to new challenges.

Chapter 2. The Value of People
As economies change, "human capital" has become key both to people's ability to earn a living and to wider economic growth.

Chapter 3. First Steps
Well thought-out education and care policies can do much to support the development of very young children.

Chapter 4. Off to School
The time students spend in schools and colleges is crucial to forming human capital. Unfortunately, education is not always as effective as it might be.

Chapter 5. Learning for Life
People are living for longer than ever before, with the result that it's becoming ever more important to go on updating skills and education.

Chapter 6. A Bigger Picture
Human capital is about more than just education. Equally, it isn't just formed during the time that people spend in school.

Chapter 7. Measures, and More
Measuring human capital can be a challenge. Few measures can express the range of factors that comprise it, or its increasing importance.


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