Human Capital - Off to School


Formal education is crucial in developing human capital. But schools and colleges are not always as effective as they might be. Poor teaching and outdated teaching methods can limit students' progress. Education systems also fail to cater for the needs of every student, meaning some get left behind. 


Chapter 4 asks how well schools are helping young people to develop their human capital. It looks first at the skills and abilities young people need to acquire, and at how well schools are doing in helping them do so. It then looks at some problems schools are facing - in particular poor teaching and outdated teaching methods - and at some potential solutions. Finally, it looks at whether education systems are responding to the needs of young people who aren't academically inclined.

Did you know?
Among OECD countries, Finnish students score highest in maths in the OECD's PISA tests. To find out how other countries score, click here. For more on PISA from the OECD's website, click here.

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