Human Capital - Investing for Change


Today's children are growing up in a changing world. Globalisation is opening up economies and creating opportunities. Economic foundations have shifted, too, with the rise of the knowledge economy. Coupled with major social change, such as the ageing of populations, societies must find solutions to new challenges.


Chapter 1 briefly sketches out some key worldwide trends - changing demographics, globalisation and the rise of the knowledge economy - that are fuelling interest in the concept of human capital and, to a lesser extent, social capital. It then looks at how those trends are being reflected in people's daily lives, and the challenges they pose. Finally, it introduces the work of OECD in studying and analysing the impact of global change and how societies and governments can respond.

Did you know?
OECD countries account for three-quarters of the world's trade but less than a fifth of its total population. To find out more about the OECD, click here for a download from Human Capital or visit the OECD's website.

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