Human Capital - First Steps


Raising children was once mainly a job for families and their neighbours. Today, as more and more women go out to work, how we care for young children is becoming an increasingly important public issue. Well thought-out policies can do a lot to support very young children as they take their first steps into the wider world.


Chapter 3 looks at the child's earliest years and at how they can lay the foundations for
subsequent development. It looks first at some of the problems facing children and their families today, in particular the need to ensure that children are cared for properly in families where both parents are working. It then looks at the role of government policies in shaping the ways we care for children today, and - finally - at what children can get out of well-planned preschool education.

Did you know?
Less public money is spent on children in pre-primary education than on any other group of young people. See a graphic from Chapter 3.

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