Fisheries - Sea of Troubles


Fishing relies on the environment. A slight change in water temperature can mean scarcity or abundance. The food chain depends on countless interactions stretching from microscopic plankton to gigantic whales. The sea bed, coral reefs and numerous other habitats form part of the global ecosystem that sustains fish. This environment is under threat from climate change and pollution, but it’s also being threatened by fishing and aquaculture.

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Chapter 4 examines the interactions between fishing and the environment, both how the environment influences fishing, and how fishing influences the environment.


- What did Queen Elizabeth have for her 80th  birthday dinner, and why couldn’t she have it for her 81st?
Irish salmon. The farm they came from was wiped out in an attack by jellyfish normally found in the Mediterranean.

- What was a wondyrchurm, and what did the government decide to do about it?
A new fishing gear, described in a complaint to the English parliament in 1376. Its mesh was so small, no fish could escape it “to the great damage of the whole commons of the kingdom, and the destruction of the fisheries.” The government set up a commission.

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