Fisheries - Fishing: Difficult, Dangerous and Doomed?


We eat more fish than ever, and the use of oils and other fish products is growing, yet the most commercially important stocks are being fished at or near their ecologically sustainable limits and there are fears that the industry may collapse in some regions. Addressing the problems means tackling a number of interlinked economic, social, environmental and legal issues, and will require a far higher degree of co-operation and agreement than has been the case so far.

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Chapter 1 introduces the interlinked economic, social, environmental and legal issues influencing the future of the fishing industry.


Did you know?

What’s bigger, faster and more expensive than a Porsche?
A bluefin tuna can grow to over 4m long, accelerate to 100 km/h in a few seconds, and cost  over $200 000.

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