Research and knowledge management

Schooling for Tomorrow: New Operational Tools


The outcomes of this activity will be a new set of operational "tools". These will be of value for both for the volunteer "inner core" countries (at present England, the Netherlands, and Ontario, Canada) explicitly injecting forward-thinking into their school reforms through this project, and for the international community in general.

  • Evaluation of the method and effectiveness of using the scenarios as a tool for long-term thinking in the policy process and for national and international dialogue itself forms an important element of the "toolbox".
  • The approaches being implemented and evaluated in the form of the "laboratories of change" initiatives, relating to both schools in challenging circumstances and those of greatest innovation, will be analysed as specific toolbox elements.
  • Strategies for introducing knowledge management more effectively into schooling, building on the parallel CERI work in this domain.
  • The "tools", strategies, and approaches being developed in sectors of public policy other than education that will be brought in as part of the broader OECD exercise in 2003-4.

In each of these sets of "tools", the international dimension of exchange and comparison will be a defining feature.


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