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CERI - OECD Seminar on The future of higher education: the stakeholders’ perspective (Istanbul, Turkey, 22-23 June 2006)


This seminar convened invited higher education stakeholders (government, local authorities, institutions, academics, students, business, civil society) from the OECD area to discuss their changing expectations about and roles in higher education. The seminar was organised in partnership with Işık University as part of the ongoing project of the OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation on the future of higher education.


  • 4 Futures Scenarios for Higher Education, by Stéphan Vincent Lancrin (PDF 560 kB)
  • Funding Higher Education in Turkey,  by Üstün Ergüder (PDF 219 kB)
  • Patterns in the differentiation of English tertiary education, by Anthony Mann (PDF 120 kB)


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