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  • 12-July-2004


    International Seminar on the Development of Higher Education and Financing Policies, 12-13 July 2004, Beijing, China

    This seminar included workshops: mobilising and using diverse sources of funding; labour market and the development of higher education, and the role of higher education in strategies for regional development.

  • 27-June-2003


    OECD Symposium for Senior e-Government Officials, Washington, 09 June 2003

    This event offered a unique opportunity for high-level e-government officials from over 20 countries to discuss and compare priority areas where the exercise of e-government leadership has a strong impact.

  • 12-February-2003


  • 20-November-2002


  • 3-October-2002

    English, , 59kb

    ICT: Policy Challenges for Education: OECD, Paris, (3-4 October 2002)

    The broad aim of the activity is to identify and evaluate what education policy makers might do to better manage ICT inputs to the education process, and to better use ICT to achieve improved educational outcomes.

  • 17-April-2002


    Seminar on E-Government: Vision, Responsiveness, Measurement, 11-12 March 2002

    This seminar, the first in a series of three under the OECD E-Government Project, brought together government officials with responsibility for the development, implementation and co-ordination of e-government initiatives, private sector experts and NGOs.

  • 30-January-2002


    Knowledge management in education and learning, 18-19 March 2002, Oxford, United Kingdom

    This forum bought together academics, practitioners and policy makers to discuss and analyse important aspects of knowledge management in education and learning systems.

  • 8-February-2001


    Knowledge Management: "Learning-by-Comparing" Experiences from Private Firms and Public Organisations - 8-9 February 2001, Copenhagen, Denmark

    View a large number of reports from this high-level forum, including a discussion of knowledge management policies and practices in Denmark.

  • 21-September-2000

    English, , 20kb

    Knowledge Management: The new Challenge for Firms and Organisations - 21 - 22 September 2000, Ottawa, Canada

    The aims of the seminar are to advance our understanding of knowledge management at organisation and enterprise levels across sectors in the emerging knowledge economy and to develop a framework identifying good practices of knowledge management in enterprises and organisations across sectors. <

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  • 19-March-2000


    The contribution of human and social capital to sustained economic growth and well-being, Québec City, Canada, 19-21 March 2000

    One of the most striking economic phenomenon of recent years has been the disparity between growth rates across OECD countries. The consequences of this disparity, in terms of differing performances in employment and prosperity, have been a cause of concern both for politicians and for citizens.

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