User guidance


The Platform can be used in different ways according to the knowledge and learning needs of the user. At its most simple, the user can use the Platform as an information retrieval system. In this instance, the user might be interested only in learning more about a single policy measure or a single quantitative measure. In such cases, the libraries of Briefs and Indicators contained within the information repository will be the main interface for accessing such information. Keyword search will also be useful in this context.


In other cases, users might want to use the Platform to explore a particular problem or, more ambitiously, to conduct innovation system diagnostics and policy design. In these instances, the user could be invited to follow ‘archetypal pathways’ in which steps are clearly laid out and suggestions are made for conducting processes of analysis and interpretation. These steps could be formulated as "key questions", as shown in the figure below. Moving down through the first row is roughly equivalent to moving through the classical policy cycle. Moving across the columns in each row directs the user to more detailed questions that provide a richer appreciation of the issues at stake. Clearly, further work is needed to develop such a knowledge management system.






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