Platform modules


The primary building blocks of the Platform are modules that cover the main domain areas having an impact on a country’s innovation performance. Nine modules are envisaged, as shown in Figure 1, though more could be added. The Platform’s modular structure means it can be built incrementally over time. At the current time, just one module is under construction, on public sector research, for the purposes of piloting. The core module on innovation performance and the domain area module on policy styles and governance will be developed in quick succession given their central importance in diagnostic and policy design work.


Figure 1. Platform modules

































Core module

A core module on innovation performance sits at the heart of the Platform. Here, the user interrogates the meanings of innovation performance in his/her own context, reflecting on different types of innovation (radical, incremental, technological, organisational, product, process, etc.), the different ends to which innovation efforts might be directed, and the factors that shape innovation performance. This module encourages users to articulate appropriate normative goals for innovation policy, goals that are taken as points of reference in subsequent diagnostics and policy design work. It also situates the other modules of the Platform, pointing users to an exploration of the various aspects of innovation systems that shape innovation performance.


Domain modules

There are currently eight domain modules covering areas that contribute to innovation performance. Each module has a standard structure, linking together (i) the activities and outcomes that constitute the domain’s contribution to innovation performance; (ii) the actors that are relevant to the performance and achievement of activities and outcomes; (iii) the shaping factors (framework conditions) that are relevant to the performance and achievement of activities and outcomes; and (iv) the policies that play some part in modulating shaping factors and actors and the roles they play in shaping innovation performance. Each activity / outcome, actor, shaping factor and policy has its own web page where the user will find information regarding its nature, its measurement and assessment, and its links to other related materials. The relations between these elements are shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2. Module standard structure





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