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OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy offer a comprehensive assessment of the innovation system of individual OECD member and partner countries, focusing on the role of government. They provide concrete recommendations on how to improve policies which impact on innovation performance, including R&D policies. Each review identifies good practices from which other countries can learn.

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Viet Nam: Science, Technology and Innovation

Despite its historical record of scientific research, Viet Nam’s innovation system in the modern sense is only emerging. Current science, technology and innovation capabilities are weak and the national innovation system is in a nascent and fragmented state. Research and development both in the public and private sectors still have a lot of room for improvement. This joint OECD-World Bank review provides several recommendations for policy makers to foster science, technology and innovation in Viet Nam. Full report

Press release and infographic: Enhancing Science, Technology and Innovation to Drive Sustained Growth in Viet Nam
24 November 2014



France has a longstanding scientific and technical tradition, but to boost competitiveness and accelerate economic growth, it needs to fully exploit its innovation potential.

This review highlights the need to encourage private-sector innovation, make public research institutions more accountable and channel more funds into the most promising R&D projects. It also underscores the importance of revisiting the way in which its R&D tax credit scheme functions.

Full report: EnglishFrench

Press release: English | French


Korea: Industry and Technology Policies

While the Korean innovation system is highly developed, it will need to address a number of economic and institutional challenges to sustain a steady flow of innovations and boost productivity. This review identifies essential reforms to reinforce the Korean innovation system, such as creating greater incentives to commercialise publically-funded research, increasing entrepreneurial activity by ensuring good framework policies, strengthening services sector productivity through structural reform and more fully assessing the economic impact of public support measures.

Full report (English) | Summary in Korean


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Innovation in Southeast Asia
(May 2013)‌

OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Southeast Asia

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