OECD Communications Outlook 2013

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Published on July 11, 2013

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Published every two years, the OECD Communications Outlook provides an extensive range of indicators for the development of different communications networks and compares performance indicators such as  revenue, investment, employment and prices for service throughout the OECD area. These indicators are essential for industry and regulators who use benchmarking to evaluate policy performance.

This edition is based on data from the OECD Telecommunications Database 2013, which provides time series of telecommunications and economic indicaors such as network dimension, revenues, investment and employment for OECD countries from 1980 to 2011. The data provided in this report map the second decade of competition for many OECD countries that fully opened their markets to competition in 1998.


Executive summary
Main trends in the communications industry
Recent communication policy developments
Telecommunication market size
Network dimensions and development
Internet infrastructure
Broadcasting and audiovisual content
Main trends in pricing
Recent developments in household and individual communication expenditures and use
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