Innovation in science, technology and industry

NIS (Phase III): Benchmarking Industry-Science Relationships


The benchmarking component of the NIS project aims to assess and compare the extent and quality of interactions between the public research base and industry in order to identify best practices for incentive structures and/or institutional arrangements. The main features of the exercise can be grouped into four categories:

  • Comparison of research-industry linkages (e.g.structure of public research base; types and functions of intermediaries; government incentives and programmes).

  • Measurement of the intensity of research-industry linkages (e.g. intensity of financial flows between private-public research; share of business R&D in the public sector; mobility of researchers; patents and licences; co-authoring of publications,etc).

  • Impact of regulatory and other framework conditions on performance (e.g.rules affecting research collaboration and commercialisation, research financing, intellectual property rights for commercialisation and researcher mobility,etc.).

  • Effectiveness of linkages ( performance and specialisation in research-based industries, access to and exploitation of S&T infrastructure, formation of clusters and research-based spin-offs,etc).

Particular emphasis will be placed on the regulatory framework and on spin-offs from public R&D. The focus groups will provide input into this activity.


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