DAY 1 - 12 November 2014 


08h30 - Registration and welcome coffee.

09h30 - Opening Plenary: Setting the Scene

11h00 - Parallel Sessions

Workshop 1:
Designing and Prototying for Public Services

in collaboration with

Workshop 2:
Disruptive Approaches
for Digital Innovation 

in collaboration with Futurs Publics

Public service innovation Lab, France


Innovation Talks:
Sharing Innovative Experiences from Around the World

13h30 - Lunch

14h30 - Parallel Sessions

Workshop 3:
Innovation Labs

in collaboration with


Workshop 4:
Beyond Innovation Awards?


Innovation Exchange: Sharing Innovative Experiences from Around the World


17h30 - Plenary: Public Sector Innovation: an External Perspective

18h30 - Cocktail


DAY 2 - 13 November 2014


08h30 - Registration and welcome coffee.

9h30 - Opening plenary Session: Driving innovation: the role of innovation strategies

11h30 - Parallel Sessions

Breakout Session 1 - Capacity for Innovation

Breakout Session 2 - Partnering for Innovation 

Breakout Session 3 - Knowledge Sharing for Innovation


13h00 - Lunch

14h30 - Plenary Session: Expert Panel on Innovative Government - the Art of Innovation

16h30 - Closing Plenary: Ministerial Panel


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Logo: Nesta

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OECD Knowledge Sharing Alliance



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