7th International Forum on Tourism Statistics, Stockholm, 9-11 June 2004


Stockholm, Sweden, 9-11 June 2004

City Conference Centre


The International Forum on Tourism Statistics was set up in 1993 by OECD and Eurostat providing a unique platform for regular exchanges of views and experiences on developments related to tourism statistics. 

The 7th Forum - organised by the Swedish Tourist Authority, Statistics Sweden, OECD and Eurostat - will focus on Tourism Satellite Account, New statistical methods, Consumer Surveys, Sustainable development in tourism and Information Society in connection with tourism statistics.

Theme 1 - Tourism Satellite Account

The focus is on the use and analysis of TSA in different countries. So far, TSA development has been primarily focusing on the production of the account. A key development area concerns, however, TSA analysis for the decision-making process. Some successful examples of usability and analysis are presented.

Theme 2 - Consumer Surveys

Actors within the tourism community have a great need of consumers' surveys both as an important input to the TSA and other kinds of analysis. The focus of this session theme is on how to develop more effective and efficient consumer surveys, e.g. border surveys, surveys of tourism profile and behaviour, etc. The competition for using the time of consumers is increasing and it is becoming very difficult to get acceptable response rates. Moreover these surveys are costly to carry through.

Theme 3 - New statistical methods

This session theme will concentrate on where to find and how to develop new methods that will be effective and efficient in order to meet the existing and future needs of the users. New statistical methods, other types of analysis, new sources of data and information, use and matching of existing data from registers/databases to new combinations of information , new methods of analysis, etc. Successful examples of applied new methods, use and matching of existing data etc. will be examined and disseminated.

Theme 4 - Sustainable development in tourism

Sustainable development is an important domain of development for tourism policy and statistics. Tourism is an activity, which interacts with the environment, both positively and negatively. Key actors are spending a lot of time to develop a core set of indicators in order to describe and measure the sustainable development of tourism at national, regional and local levels. Discussion will aim to contribute to identify this core set of indicators, to judge the availability and ease of collecting data for these indicators and to look at different tools for testing the quality of indicators.

Theme 5 - Information society and tourism statistics (input and output solutions)

How to use the information society in a more efficient manner and better meet users needs (e.g. getting quick feedback of data with high usability)? There is a necessity to shorten the time between the collection and dissemination of data and to minimize the response burden. Important challenges ahead of us will request that we support the decision-making process with quick and high quality data. This session theme will examine and disseminate innovative technical experiences, successful applications of information systems and data production systems.


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