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The Missing Entrepreneurs 2014

Policies for Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Europe

Published on December 01, 2014

Also available in: German, French

The Missing Entrepreneurs 2014 is the second edition in a series of annual reports that provide data and policy analysis on inclusive entrepreneurship, and on its barriers, by target social groups across the European Union. Inclusive entrepreneurship involves business start-ups and self-employment activities that contribute to economic growth and social inclusion - notably of youth, women, seniors, immigrants and the unemployed. In addition to inspiring policy practices, this issue contains special thematic chapters on entrepreneurship by ethnic minorities, pro-entrepreneurship welfare support systems and support for entrepreneurship from unemployment.


Preface and Acknowledgements
Executive summary
Reader's guide
Inclusive entrepreneurship policy in the European Union,
Inclusive entrepreneurship activities in Europe4 chapters available
Self-employment and entrepreneurship activities by women,
Self-employment and entrepreneurship activities by youth,
Self-employment and entrepreneurship activities by seniors,
Location of entrepreneurship activities
Policies for inclusive entrepreneurship4 chapters available
Policy support for entrepreneurship from unemployment,
Policy support for entrepreneurship by ethnic minority groups,
Business development services for start-ups
Social security and inclusive entrepreneurship,
Country profiles29 chapters available
Data and inspiring practices in inclusive entrepreneurship policy
Austria: Business Start-up Programme (UGP – Unternehmensgründungsprogramm)
Belgium: Stebo
Bulgaria: Social entrepreneurship – Popularisation and support for social enterprises
Croatia: “It's time for women”
Cyprus: The Grant Scheme for the Enhancement of Youth Entrepreneurship
Czech Republic: Build your own enterprise as a way to connect work with childcare
Denmark: Promoting entrepreneurship in Bornholm
Estonia: ETNA Microcredit scheme for women entrepreneurs in rural areas
Finland: Women's Enterprise Agency
France: Guarantee funds for the creation, take-over or development of companies initiated by women
Germany: Schüler-Institut für Technik und angewandte Informatik (SITI)
Greece: Social co-operatives for persons with mental health problems
Hungary: MeXX Programme, 2004-09
Ireland: National Women's Enterprise Day
Italy: Starting a business (as part of Giovanisì strategy in Tuscany)
Latvia: Business incubators in the Latvian regions
Lithuania: First business year baskets for youth
Luxembourg: Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg
Malta: The Hands-on project
Netherlands: “IkStartSmart” Gelderland
Poland: Solidarity between Generations
Portugal: Best form – Boosting entrepreneurship tools for migrants
Romania: A chance for those in rural areas
Slovak Republic: REGIONFEMME
Slovenia: Entrepreneurially into the world of business 2013
Spain: Programa operativo de la Comunidad Foral de Navarra 2007-13 (Support for self-employment in Navarra 2007-13)
Sweden: Ambassadors for women's entrepreneurship
United Kingdom: Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI) programme
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