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  • 29-June-2011


    Indicators of entrepreneurial determinants

    This page presents a comprehensive list of indicators of entrepreneurial determinants. The list draws from the reports "Quality Assessment of Entrepreneurship Indicators" prepared by FORA (Denmark). Indicators are classified into the six categories of determinants set by the OECD-Eurostat Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme (EIP)

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  • 31-March-2011

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    CO2 Emissions Methodology Formula

    Methodological note for the estimation of carbon embodied in trade using the input-output framework

  • 28-March-2011

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    STAN Indicator Formulas

    This document contains the formulas and notes on the methodology for the calculation of STAN indicators.

  • 15-October-2009

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    OCDE Definición Marco de Inversión Extranjera Directa, Cuarta Edición

    La inversión extranjera directa (IED) es uno de los principales motores de la globalización. A medida que los patrones de inversión de las empresas multinacionales se vuelven más complejos, es necesario contar con estadísticas de IED fiables y comparables a nivel internacional para una toma de decisiones sensata y sólida. La Definición Marco de Inversión Extranjera Directa de la OCDE, establece la norma general para las estadísticas

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  • 15-October-2009

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    ЭТАЛОННОЕ ОПРЕДЕЛЕНИЕ ОЭСР ДЛЯ ИНОСТРАННЫХ ПРЯМЫХ ИНВЕСТИЦИЙ 4-Е ИЗДАНИЕ OECD Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment, 4th Edition

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  • 15-October-2009

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    OECD Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment, 4th Edition

    Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a major driver of globalisation. As investment patterns of multinational enterprises become more and more complex, reliable and internationally comparable, FDI statistics are necessary for sound policy decision making. The Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment sets the world standard for FDI statistics. It provides a single point of reference for statisticians and users on all aspect of

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  • 29-January-2008


    Eurostat-OECD Manual on Business Demography Statistics

    Demand for statistics on business demography has grown and developed considerably in recent years. This joint manual reflects these growing needs and developments and the agreement between Eurostat and the OECD for a common methodological framework for business demography statistics that maximises their international comparability and relevance, recognising and addressing the different conditions and legal frameworks that govern the

  • 28-January-2008


    Defining Entrepreneurial Activity: Definitions Supporting Frameworks for Data Collection

    Statistics Working Paper N. 23 - 2008/1 - This paper sets out definitions of the entrepreneur, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity for the purpose of supporting the development of related indicators. The paper recognises the long history in this area and the contention and differences that have existed, and that continue to exist, between academics who have confronted this issue over the last two centuries. It deliberately

  • 28-January-2008


    A Framework for Addressing and Measuring Entrepreneurship

    Statistics Working Paper N. 24 - 2008/2 - In recent years entrepreneurship has become a buzzword that‘s entered the mainstream. Politicians continuously cite its importance and the need to create more entrepreneurial societies, and newspapers and television programmes frequently create themes around successful entrepreneurs. But, the pursuit and development of policies related to entrepreneurship are often hampered by the limited,

  • 13-June-2007

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    Tokyo conference on enhancing the role of SMEs in Global Value Chains (GVC) : Tokyo Action Statement

    The Conference on Enhancing the Role of SMEs in Global Value Chains (GVC), resulting in this action statement, took place in Tokyo, 31May-1June 2007. Stakeholders can play a greater role in assisting SMEs to rise to the challenges of active participation in global value chains.

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