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  • 7-February-2002


    OECD Forum for International Investment: FDI and the Environment - Lessons to be Learned from the Mining Sector

    7-8 February 2001, Paris, France: This conference focused on how best to integrate environmental and investment goals, ensure that environmental protection and investment liberalisation are mutually supportive and explore the significance of voluntary business approaches in encouraging 'best environmental practice'.

  • 7-December-2001


    Sixth International Forum on Tourism Statistics, Budapest, 25-27 September 2002

    The Forum is organised by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the OECD and Eurostat. The aim is to discuss major issues concerning the building of an information system for good public and private ...

  • 28-October-2001


    OECD Global Forum on International Investment: New Horizons and Policy Challenges for Foreign Direct Investment in the 21st Century

    26-27 November 2001, Mexico. The inaugural OECD GFII aimed to foster an open and inclusive dialogue on emerging investment issues among the international investment policy community and other main stakeholders.

  • 11-October-2001


    Conference on Foreign Investment in China's Regional Development

    11-12 October 2001 - Xi'an, China. This conference was organised in co-operation with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation as part of the ongoing OECD-China policy dialogue and co-operation on investment issues.

  • 10-October-2001


    Workshop on Firm-Level Statistics and Enterprise Demography

    Firm-level data sets are a rich source of information for policy-relevant analysis, e.g. in the areas of firm creation, entrepreneurship, technological change and productivity. However, there are important problems in making these data comparable...

  • 6-July-2001


    Statement by the Chairman of the Council Working Party on Shipbuiding on the 99th Session, 5-6 July 2001

    At its 99th session on 5-6 July 2001 the Council Working Party held in depth discussion on the evolution of the world shipbuilding markets, their underlying policies and how to follow up the instructions given to the OECD by the 2001 meeting of t...

  • 19-June-2001


    Roundtable on Global Instruments for Corporate Responsiblity

    19 June 2001. Paris, France. One year after adopting the revised OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the National Contact Points held a Roundtable discussion on the relationship between the Guidelines and other ...

  • 18-June-2001


  • 11-June-2001


    Enhancing SME Competitiveness: The OECD Bologna Ministerial Conference

    What are the problems faced by SMEs in OECD countries and developing and transition economies in today's globalising world? What are the framework conditions that influence SMEs' incentives and capacities to innovate? What is the optimal role of ...

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  • 1-June-2001


    Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs: Realising the Benefits of Globalisation and the Knowledge-based Economy

    The first OECD Conference on Women Entrepreneurs in SMEs in 1997 highlighted their contribution to innovation and job creation. Since that time, women's entrepreneurship has been burgeoning. Women entrepreneurs constitute a growing share of SME o...

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