• 21-May-2001


  • 4-May-2001


    Economic Impact of Tourism

    The service economy is driving growth in most OECD countries. It represents a large part of economic activity and its importance continues to grow.

  • 20-June-2000


    Fifth International Forum on Tourism Statistics

    The forum will discuss major technical factors in the establishment of harmonised tourism statistics in an environment that strengthens co-operation between governments, the private sector, researchers, academics and international organisations.

  • 15-November-1998


    Internationalisation of Industrial R&D

    This report presents the patterns and main trends of the internationalisation of industrial R&D. It also probes the possible consequences of this phenomenon, which constitutes the most advanced stage in the globalisation process.

  • 26-June-1996


    The Third International Forum on Tourism Statistics

    The Third International Forum on Tourism Statistics, organised by Portugal's National Statistical Office and Tourism Directorate in co-operation with Eurostat and the OECD.

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