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NB. FDI statistics are categorised under Globalisation on OECD.stat.



Driven by technological change, global competition and the ongoing liberalisation of markets, international direct investment plays a key role in the process of global economic integration.


This database gathers detailed historical statistics on international direct investment to and from the OECD area. Data are broken down by geographical zone and industrial sector for direct investment flows and stocks. The data are presented in a standardised format combining sectoral and geographical breakdowns for flow and stock data from 1982 onwards.  Summary tables data are presented in US dollars and more detailed country table data is provided in national currency values.


Comparative tables and charts complement the information included for individual countries by geographical and sectoral breakdowns for direct investment flows and stocks. For some countries this information may go as far back as 1980. The OECD has published international direct investment statistics since 1993.


How OECD collects FDI statistics


The data series are provided by national experts according to the joint OECD-EUROSTAT statistical questionnaire. The data are based for the most part on balance of payments statistics published by the Central Banks and Statistical Offices following the recommendations of the IMF Balance of Payments Manual, Fifth Edition and the OECD Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment , Third Edition. However, some of the data relate to other sources such as notifications or approvals.


Although FDI statistics are presented according to a standardised format for all member countries, there are still several limitations in data comparability due to differences in FDI definitions used in member countries. Technical notes explain the methodology used in each country. The Report on the Survey of Implementation of Methodological Standards for Direct Investment provides further details on data collection and dissemination and the statistical methodology.


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