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Investment policies related to national security and public order


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Conference on acquisition- and ownership-related policies to safeguard essential security interests

12 March 2019 - Paris, France

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For most of the past half century, countries around the world have gradually opened up to foreign investment, and with good effect. Investment from other countries has supported growth and development, created jobs and enhanced welfare. One consideration that comes with eliminating barriers to capital inflows, is the potential risk for the host country’s national security or public order. This is why international instruments and agreements recognise countries’ rights to manage such risks.


Countries that are part of the OECD-hosted investment policy community have agreed that it is good policy practice to design investment policies related to national security in a way that reconciles openness with effectiveness. They report on these policies at the twice-yearly Freedom of Investment Roundtables. Governments that adhere to the Declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises have also agreed to notify any new policy in this area and to make this information publicly available.


Related instruments and processes

Guidelines for Recipient Country Investment Policies relating to National Security (2009)

OECD guidance on recipient country policies towards SWFs (2008)

OECD Council Recommendation (1986)

“Freedom of Investment” Roundtables


Recent notifications of new policies

Finland (2019)

Korea (2019)

Portugal (2019)

Hungary (2019)

Germany (2019) 

United States (2018)

United Kingdom (2018)

Lithuania (2018)

Italy (2018)

Australia (2018)

Latvia (2018)

Japan (2017) not yet publicly available 

Poland (2015) (additional information)

France (2014)

Austria (2013)

Italy (2012, superseded in 2018)

Finland (2012)

Austria (2012, superseded in 2013) 

Germany (2009, superseded in 2019)


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