Investment policy

Conference on mobilising investment in infrastructure and agriculture in Africa


2011 NEPAD-OECD Ministerial Conference

26-27 April 2011 - Dakar, Senegal


Hosted by the Government of Senegal, this conference was organised within the framework of the .

DAY 1: the Forum, Mobilising investment in infrastructure and agricultureidentified key challenges and conditions for increased investment in sectors that are crucial to reinforcing Africa's productive capacities. Governmental decision-makers debated with experts and business sector representatives on the means for:
  • strengthening private investment in infrastructure, including by improving the enabling environment in this area
  • boosting the attractiveness of the agricultural sector for foreign and domestic investors
  • better mobilising green investment for growth and job creation
  • enhancing business integrity in Africa

The project was launched during this event. This project analyses the support that development partners bring to improving investment conditions in African infrastructure. 


DAY 2: the Ministerial Meeting brought together top-level African actors key to investment policy reform to explore ways to accelerate existing reforms targeting the improvement of the investment climate in African countries. Discussions highlighted best-practices and successful experiences in reform implementation. They also identified key obstacles to the expansion of reforms - along with the means for tackling them.


Conference documents

Presentations and Background Documents


Session 1: Bridging the investment gap in infrastructure

Session 2: Mobilising more and better investment in agriculture

Session 3.1: Green investment for growth and job creation in Africa

  • , Moustapha Kamal Gueye, Programme des Nations Unies pour l’environnement (PDF, in French only)
  • , Libasse Ba, ENDA (PDF)
  • , Raffaele Della Croce, OECD (PDF) 
  • (PDF)
  •  (PDF)
  •  (PDF)
  •  (PDF)
  •  (PDF)

Session 3.2: Leveraging Aid for Infrastructure

  • , Mario Amano, OECD Deputy Secretary-General (PDF)

Session 3.3: Promoting Business Integrity

  • , Sandrine Hannedouche-Leric, OECD (PDF, in French only)
  •  (PDF)
  •  (PDF)

Ministerial Meeting

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