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Steel Market Developments
February 2018 – The Steel Market Developments series provides up-to-date information on global and regional steel markets.

Capacity Developments in the World Steel Industry
July 2017  Provides an overview of the latest capacity developments.

Evaluating the financial health of the steel industry
January 2016 – Analyses the recent financial performance of the steel industry

Greening Steel: Innovation for climate change mitigation in the steel sector
December 2015 – Provides an overview environmental innovations that relate to steel

Energy efficiency in the steel sector: Why it works well, but not always
October 2015 – A survey of steel companies conducted in 2015 to investigate the incentives and disincentives to investing in energy efficiency.

The Structure of Steel Exports: Changes in Specialisation and the Role of Innovation
July 2015 – Examines the export structure of the ten largest steelmaking economies, how their patterns of specialisation have changed since 2004, and the role of innovation in determining their export structure.

Steelmaking Capacity Data
March 2015  The OECD steelmaking capacity portal provides access to a range of data and analyses on global capacity developments.

Excess Capacity in the Global Steel Industry and the Implications of New Investment Projects
February 2015 – Examines new investments projects in the steel sector to help governments and industry better understand the extent to which global steelmaking excess capacity may evolve in the future.

An Introduction to Energy Management Systems: Energy Savings and Increased Industrial Productivity for the Iron and Steel Sector
February 2015 – Overviews the benefits of energy management systems, explores barriers to their implementation, and how they can be supported and promoted by governments.

Excess Capacity in the Global Steel Industry: The Current Situation and Ways Forward
January 2015 – Provides a brief overview of the global excess capacity situation, its effects and ways forward to address the challenge. 


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