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STAN Indicators provides annual indicators related to production and employment structure, labour productivity and labour costs, investment, business research and development expenditures and international trade patterns. Data are presented for OECD countries and cover the time-period 1970-2009, although the time coverage may vary across countries and indicators.
Series are provided for a wide range of economic activities (according to an ISIC Rev.3 based hierarchy) compatible with the list in the underlying STAN Database.
STAN Indicators can be accessed via OECD's data dissemination service OECD.STAT.


STAN Indicators belong to the STAN family datasets; they are primarily drawn from STAN Database for Structural Analysis (STAN), STAN Bilateral Trade (BTDIxE) and STAN Research & Development Expenditures in Industry (ANBERD).

Indicators are compiled to respond to the needs of analysts and researchers interested in measuring economic performance, productivity growth, competitiveness  and structural changes. They also complement the OECD publications, Science Technology and Industry Scoreboard and Economic Globalisation Indicators.


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