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  • 8-September-2011


    Report on the Shipbuilding Industry in Turkey

    This report on the shipbuilding industry in Turkey is one of a series studies covering various OECD countries and non-OECD economies, and has been prepared to inform OECD’s Council Working Party on Shipbuilding (WP6) on the status and future prospects of that industry.

  • 6-September-2011


    Access to I-O ready-made files

    Bulk downloads of Input-Output tables from OECD.STAT

  • 1-September-2011


    Access to STAN ready-made files

    Access to STAN batch files on OECD.Stat

  • 22-August-2011


    Opening Japan: Comparisons with Other G20 Countries and Lessons Learned from International Experience (OECD Science, Technology and Industry Working Paper 2011/2)

    This paper aims to assess the openness of the Japanese economy and to show how policies promoting openness are conducive to long-term growth.

  • 8-July-2011


    Workshop on Green Growth in Shipbuilding

    Presentations made at the Workshop on Green Growth in Shipbuilding held in Paris on 7-8 July 2011.

  • 7-July-2011

    English, , 103kb

    ISIC Rev. 3 Technology Intensity Definition

    This document contains a summary of the technology intensity aggregates used in STAN.

  • 6-July-2011


    Carbon Dioxide Emissions Embodied in International Trade

    Using the latest datasets of OECD Input-Output Tables, Bilateral trade statistics in goods and services, and energy statistics, the international transfer effect of CO2 emissions are measured.

  • 30-May-2011


    Demand-side Innovation Policies

    This book examines dynamics between demand and innovation and provides insights into the rationale and scope for public policies. Drawing on country experience and case studies, it illustrates good practices for designing, implementing and evaluating demand-side innovation policies.

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  • 17-May-2011

    English, , 124kb


    Proportional diagrams showing HHCP by emission sources for all countries

  • 19-April-2011


    Attractiveness for Innovation: Location Factors for International Investment

    This book analyses the current trends in international investment in innovation and the attractiveness policies already implemented. The report also explores in more detail the role of investment incentives that governments tend to give to international investors.

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