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  • 9-June-1999

    English, , 54kb

    Amsterdam 1999: Paper 14. Linking Outcomes for Workers to Changes in Workplace Practices: An Experimental Canadian Workplace and Employee Survey, G. Picot and T. Wannell

    A new workplace and employee survey being undertaken regularly in Canada to plot changes in the Canadian workplace and the outcomes for firms and workers.

  • 23-February-1999

    English, , 371kb

    Knowledge-based Industries in Asia

    Asian economies are developing knowledge-based industries based on information and communications technologies (ICT) according to visionary strategies. However, they still suffer from structural weaknesses in industry highlighted by the Asian fin...

  • 23-February-1999


    Asia and the Global Crisis: The Industrial Dimension

    It was a financial crisis, or was it? Did a band of speculators and money-changers pull the rug out from under the Thai, Malaysian, Philippine, Indonesian and Korean economies, thereby trashing the Asian Miracle. Or were more profound, longer-ter...

  • 1-January-1999

    English, , 285kb

    Corporate Governance: Effects on Firm Performance and Economic Growth

    This paper provides a qualitative assessment of the underlying factors that promote efficient corporate governance and examines the strengths, weaknesses, and economic implications associated with corporate governance systems in OECD countries.

  • 15-November-1998


    Internationalisation of Industrial R&D

    This report presents the patterns and main trends of the internationalisation of industrial R&D. It also probes the possible consequences of this phenomenon, which constitutes the most advanced stage in the globalisation process.

  • 2-November-1998


    Future of the OECD Shipbuilding Agreement

    Outcome of the 94th session of the OECD Council Working Party on Shipbuilding, 21-22 October 1998.

  • 1-January-1998


    Relative Trade-Weighted Unit Labour Costs by Industry (STI Working Paper 1998/1)

    This document presents three alternative methods for the construction of indicators of relative trade-weighted unit labour costs by industry, as well as the empirical results based on these methods for 18 OECD member countries.

  • 15-December-1997


    Revision of the High-technology Sector and Product Classification (STI Working Paper 1997/2)

    This paper describes the methods used to classify the OECD countries' industrial sectors and manufactures by level of technology, and presents the resulting classifications.

  • 9-December-1997


    Workshop with emerging markets on shipbuilding policies,

    This Workshop was arranged as part of the OECD's Emerging Market Economy Forum.

  • 1-October-1996


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