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  • 11-May-2001

    English, , 27kb

    The shipbuilding Agreement at a glance

    The "Agreement Respecting Normal Competitive Conditions in the Commercial Shipbuilding and Repair Industry" aims at establishing, a 'level playing field' in the commercial shipbuilding and repair industry.

  • 9-May-2001


    Linking Entrepreneurship to Growth (STI Working Paper 2001/2)

    This paper provides a link between the degree of entrepreneurial activity in a country and the growth performance.

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  • 19-December-2000


    The Internationalisation of Venture Capital Activity in OECD Countries: Implications for Measurement and Policy (STI Working Paper 2000/7)

    This paper compares venture capital activity across OECD countries by taking into account international venture capital flows.

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  • 28-September-2000

    English, , 254kb

    The Service Economy, Final Report of the Business and Industry Policy Forum on Realising the Potential of the Service Economy

    Services are transforming OECD economies on a massive scale, but are still impeded by regulations and policies that stifle innovation and competition. Comprehensive reforms need to be pursued internationally as well as in individual OECD countrie...

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  • 27-September-2000

    English, , 440kb

    Encouraging Environmental Management in Industry, Final Report of the OECD Business and Industry Policy Forum on Environmental Management, Challenges for Industry

    OECD Business and Industry Policy Forum on Environmental Management: Challenges for Industry, Paris, 27 September 2000.

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  • 1-July-2000


    A New Economy? The Changing Role of Innovation and Information Technology in Growth

    What is driving recent growth in OECD countries? Whether or not it is appropriate to speak of a "new economy", innovation and technology play crucial roles.

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  • 17-June-2000


    International Strategic Alliances: Their Role in Industrial Globalisation (STI Working Paper 2000/5)

    This paper reviews recent trends in international strategic alliances, which have grown more than five-fold between 1989 and 1999, paralleling the increase in cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&As).

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  • 30-May-2000


    High-Growth Firms and Employment (STI Working Paper 2000/3)

    This STI Working Paper deals with this group of rapidly expanding firms. It does so by placing the discussion into a context of entrepreneurship, arguing that there are two main aspects to this notion: one of business start-ups and market entry, and another one of innovation.

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  • 4-April-2000


    Shipbuilding Agreement - Overview

    In 1994, the Commission of the European Communities and the Governments of Finland, Japan, Korea, Norway, Sweden and the United States signed the Final Act of the "Agreement Respecting Normal Competitive Conditions in the Commercial Shipbuilding and Repair Industry".

  • 23-March-2000


    The Contribution of ICTs to Output Growth: A Study of the G7 Countries (STI Working Paper 2000/2)

    This paper deals with the contribution of information and communication technology (ICT) to economic growth and to labour and multi-factor productivity.

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