Industry and globalisation

79th Session of the Steel Committee, Paris, 30 November-1 December 2015


Recent capacity developments and the financial health of the steel industry

New investments and closures

The Secretariat reported on new investments in the steel sector and steelmaking capacity developments.

The economic health of the steel industry and the effects of excess capacity

Under this agenda item, the Secretariat presented a report on the financial performance of the steel industry, updating some of the analysis discussed at the December 2013 Steel Committee meeting.

Financing of steel investment projects

Understanding how government policies influence investments in new steelmaking capacity and the maintenance of economically inefficient capacities remains a key priority for the Steel Committee.

Discussants from selected financial institutions were invited to share their views on excess capacity and their lending policies for steel expansion projects.

  • Presentation by Mr. Nicolas Bertrand and Mr. Antoine Sevray, BNP Paribas
  • Presentation by Mr. Stefan Eitel, KfW IPEX-Bank

Macroeconomic and steel market developments

Economic Outlook

  • Presentation by the Secretariat of the OECD Economics Department on the world economic situation and outlook

Global steel market situation

  • Presentation by the OECD Secretariat on the global steel market situation
  • Presentation by the World Steel Association on its latest Short Range Outlook for apparent steel use in 2015 and 2016

Steel market reports by regional steel associations

Regional steel associations were invited to provide brief presentations based on questions from each association

Industrial restructuring and upgrading

External experts were invited to share their views about past experiences with steel industry restructuring and upgrading.

Discussion on past industry restructuring experiences:

  • Introduction by the Secretariat
  • Discussion by Mr. Christopher Beauman, EBRD, on the U.K. experience
  • Discussion by Mr. Ian Christmas, former Director General of World Steel Association, on the broader European experience
  • Presentation by Japan on past steel industry restructuring
  • Presentation by Dr. Xu Zhaoyuan, Development Research Center of China

Trade policy developments

The Steel Committee deepened its discussion on trade policies and considered ways to avoid trade frictions in the current context of supply/demand imbalances.

  • Under this item, the Committee discussed the OECD’s monitoring report of recent trade policy measures and delegates were invited to discuss ways of addressing existing trade barriers in the steel industry
  • Presentation by Mr. Yuriy Rudyuk, Partner, Van Bael & Bellis, on the recent proliferation of trade measures
  • Presentation by Mr. Gary Horlick, Law Offices of Gary N. Horlick, on steel-related trade disputes


Innovations can help the steel industry to focus on creating value instead of volume and capture opportunities arising from many long-term structural changes as well as improving the industry’s environmental performance. The Committee also discussed key carbon-related and product innovations.

Chairman’s Statement



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