Industry and entrepreneurship

Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Europe: Policy briefs


A series of short reports aimed at policy makers examine issues and policies instruments related to inclusive entrepreneurs policy. The key message of these briefs is that there is under-exploited potential among entrepreneurs from non-mainstream groups and that there are many examples of specially tailored policies that are successful in increasing participation that can serve as models for others.

The following briefs are available for download in English, French and German. They are also available on ILibrary here.

Policy Brief on Informal Entrepreneurship

Available in English

Policy Brief on Expanding Networks for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Available in English

Entrepreneurship among people with disabilities

Available in EnglishFrench and German

Background paper for the Policy paper on Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment by people with disabilities

Background paper for disabled entrepreneurship and self-employment: The role of technology and policy building


Financing inclusive entrepreneurship

Available in EnglishFrench and German


Evaluation of inclusive entrepreneurship programmes

Available in EnglishFrench and German


Social entrepreneurship

Available in EnglishFrench and German


Senior entrepreneurship

Available in EnglishFrench and German

Background paper on senior entrepreneurship


Youth entrepreneurship

Available in EnglishFrench and German

Background paper for Youth Entrepreneurship



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