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  • 2-November-2011


    G20 Summit: Roundtable on Commodities and Raw Materials

    "At the end of the day, this is what the G20 is about: its “raison d’être” is to show leadership and equip the global economy with an efficient framework for policy coordination. And trade in raw materials and in food commodities should be no exception to this.", said M. Gurría.

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  • 31-October-2011


    Pre-G20 Event: Growing Economies through Women’s Entrepreneurship

    At this pre-G20 Event 'Growing Economies through Women’s Entrepreneurship', A. Gurría declared that 'Girls and women represent 3.3 billion ways to change this world. This is the lemma from this year’s G20 Girls Summit. It is also a powerful truth. We need to unleash this potential.'

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  • 20-October-2011


    Globalisation, Comparative Advantage and the Changing Dynamics of Trade

    The effects of globalisation have been at the forefront of public debate in recent years, fuelled on the one hand by the large benefits of integrated markets, and on the other hand, by the detrimental adjustment effects often experienced by many economies as a result.  Knowing how trade has been evolving over time and the role policy has played in this evolution are critical to understanding the globalisation debate and grasping the lessons for future policy development. The comparative advantage hypothesis has been suggested as one of the principal explanations of international trade and of the benefits associated with openness. It has also provided the intellectual underpinnings for most trade policy in the past 50 years. This book collects OECD work that builds on recent contributions to the theory and empirics of comparative advantage, putting particular emphasis on the role policy can play in shaping trade.

  • 22-September-2011


    Insights blogpost: OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard: Innovation and Growth in Knowledge Economies

    This blogpost from the OECD Insights Blog sets out some of the main findings from the OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2011, including where scientific research is being done and what impact it has, how patents are tracking the impact of science and more.

  • 20-September-2011


    Video: Innovation and patents

    The quality of patent filings has fallen by 20% over the past two decades, as reported in this 2-minute video. Fall in quality reduces the potential for breakthrough inventions, says the OECD's Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2011.

  • 22-June-2011


    Italy: Review of Issues and Policies

    This report sets out the main analysis and recommendations of the tourism policy review of Italy. It  assesses the current state of tourism performance in Italy, its framework conditions and business environment, the existing set of tourism policies and programmes, especially in the area of statistics, promotion and education and training.  The report presents a series of policy recommendations intended to support policy and programme development in Italy in order to develop and strengthen further the tourism sector and to provide inspiration to policy makers in other countries faced with similar challenges.  The report includes international learning models from  the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain and Switzerland.

  • 20-June-2011


    Competitiveness and Private Sector Development: Republic of Moldova 2011 - Fostering SME Development

    This report reviews the micro, small and medium-sized business sector in the Republic of Moldova, as well as governmental policies related to small and medium-sized enterprises, particularly regarding financing and innovation. 
  • 14-June-2011


    Skills and competences for entrepreneurship

    This LEED project advises governments and their partner agencies at national and local levels on how to provide effective training and related support to start-up entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on the role of universities and vocational training institutions.

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  • 6-June-2011

    English, , 1,919kb

    Report on the Gender Initiative: Gender Equality in Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship

    The 2011 Meeting of the OECD Council at Ministerial level is the first milestone in the Gender Initiative, which was launched by the OECD to help governments promote gender equality in Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship (the “three Es”).

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  • 28-April-2011


    NUCLEAR: OECD/NEA to co-organise G8-G20 meeting on nuclear safety in June

    The OECD/NEA will co-organise a G8-G20 meeting on nuclear energy safety issues 7-8 June, as part of international efforts to learn from the accident at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and help prevent similar disasters in the future.

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