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Entrepreneurship at a Glance 2017

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Published on September 28, 2017

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The publication is produced by the OECD-Eurostat Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme based on official statistics. The 2017 edition features a new trends chapter, which also introduces recent developments related to the emergence of the "gig economy" and the use of digital tools by micro-enterprises.

SUMMARIESavailable in 26 languages

English Entrepreneurship at a Glance 2017 (Summary in English)
French Panorama de l'entrepreneuriat 2017
Spanish Panorama del Emprendimiento 2017
German Unternehmerische Tätigkeit auf einen Blick 2017
Japanese 図表でみる起業活動2017年版
Italian Uno sguardo sull’imprenditoria 2017
Chinese 2017年创业概览
Czech Letmý pohled na podnikání v roce 2017
Danish Iværksætteri i hovedtræk 2017
Dutch Ondernemerschap in een oogopslag 2017
Estonian Ettevõtlus lähivaates 2017
Finnish Yrittäjyyskatsaus 2017
Greek Η επιχειρηματικότητα με μια ματιά 2017
Hebrew מבט על יזמות 2017
Hungarian Vállalkozási körkép 2017
Icelandic Frumkvöðlastarf í hnotskurn 2017
Korean 2017년 기업부문 개요
Latvian Uzņēmējdarbības apskats 2017
Norwegian Et blikk på entreprenørskap – 2017
Polish Przedsiębiorczość w zarysie 2017
Portuguese Panorama do Empreendedorismo 2017
Russian Панорама предпринимательства 2017
Slovak Prehľad o podnikaní 2017
Slovene Pogled na podjetništvo 2017
Swedish Översikt över företagandet 2017
Turkish 2017 Tek Bakışta Girişimcilik


Executive summary
Reader's guide
Recent developments in entrepreneurship
Structure and performance of the enterprise population5 chapters available
Enterprises by size
Employment by enterprise size
Value added by enterprise size
Turnover by enterprise size
Compensation of employees by enterprise size
Productivity by enterprise size3 chapters available
Productivity gaps across enterprises
Productivity growth by enterprise size
Productivity and wage gaps across firms
Business dynamics and job creation5 chapters available
Birth of enterprises
Death of enterprises
Churn rate
Young enterprises
High-growth enterprises rate
SMEs and international trade4 chapters available
Trade concentration
Trade by enterprise size
SMEs and market proximity
Trade by enterprise ownership
Female entrepreneurship3 chapters available
Gender differences in self-employment rates
Earnings from self-employment
Entrepreneurial attitude
Venture capital3 chapters available
Venture capital investments
Venture capital investments by investee company
Venture capital investments by sector
Annexes3 chapters available
Sources of data on timely indicators of entrepreneurship
List of Indicators of Entrepreneurial Determinants
International comparability of venture capital data
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Digitalisation, international trade and smes

Online tools and platforms provide new opportunities for micro-enterprises to be involved in international trade. Businesses that trade internationally appear to be more confident in the current state of their businesses and also more likely to have positive prospects of job creation. This is also true for “just-me” entrepreneurs who participate in international trade. 

Digital presence, international trade, business confidence and job creation prospects
Percentage of positive replies among survey respondents, May 2016-May 2017

Digital presence, international trade, business confidence and job creation prospect

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Services, perfect habitat for gazelles

In all countries where recent data are available, the share of gazelles – young high-growth enterprises – is the highest in the services sector, especially in security and investigation, computer programming and employment activities (i.e. temporary employment agencies.

Share of gazelles (more than 20% employment growth over a period of three years)
Percentage of all enterprises with 10 or more employees, by sector, 2014, or latest available year

Share of gazelles (more than 20% employment growth over a period of three years) 

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Entrepreneurship at a Glance is based on the OECD Structural Business Statistics, the OECD Business Demography Indicators and the Timely Indicators of Entrepreneurship databases.They contain more and longer time series than presented in the publication.  




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