Working Papers

  • 10-July-2009


    How does decentralised minimum wage setting affect unemployment and informality? The case of Indonesia

    Our findings show that an increase in the minimum to mean wage ratio is associated with a net increase in employment: a rise in informal sector employment more than compensates for job losses in the formal sector.

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  • 22-January-2009

    English, , 1,050kb

    Recovery and Beyond: Enhancing Competitiveness to Realise Indonesia’s Trade Potential

    There is much scope for trade to enhance economic growth in Indonesia. This paper analyses Indonesian trade policy following the Asian Financial crisis, and identifies some key reforms that may help to increase competitiveness.

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  • 1-April-1999

    English, Excel, 286kb

    1999/1 - Southeast Asia: the Role of FDI Policies in Development

    This study, published in April 1999, looks at the role of foreign direct investment in the development of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

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