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India is one of the many non-member economies with which the OECD has working relationships in addition to its member countries.The OECD has been co-operating with India since 1995. The OECD Council at Ministerial level adopted a resolution on 16 May 2007 to strengthen the co-operation with India, as well as with Brazil, ChinaIndonesia and South Africa, through a programme of enhanced engagement. It also called for the expansion of the OECD's relations with Southeast Asia. While enhanced engagement is distinct from accession to the OECD, it has the potential in the future to lead to membership.



(left to right) OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría and Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission and G20 Sherpa, Government of India during at the OECD-NIPFP India Symposium, New Delhi, 14 June 2011.

Mutual benefits

India values the opportunity to discuss major policy issues and challenges and to learn from the experiences of OECD countries facing similar challenges. The relationship also benefits OECD Members and non-OECD economies, who are increasingly engaged with India through trade and investment, and who have gained a better understanding of India as it has become a major actor in the globalised economy.

How is the co-operation co-ordinated?

The OECD’s Global Relations secretariat develops and oversees the strategic orientation of this relationship and ensures that the dialogue remains focused, forward-looking and mutually beneficial.


Areas of work

The OECD’s first Economic Survey of India was released in 2007. India also participates in various policy areas including tradeinvestmentpolicies for small and medium-sized enterprisesdevelopment and steel.


India’s participation in OECD general activities

India is on the Governing Board of the OECD’s Development Centre  and it also participates as an observer in some OECD Committees and various working groups and various working groups. Indian ministers have also attended a number of Ministerial Council Meeting dialogue sessions with non-OECD countries since 2002. India also supports the OECD regionally-focused activities in Asia, hosting regional forums and workshops on issues including investment, taxation, financial education, private pensions, and development.

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