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  • Inequality puts our world at risk

    In many OECD countries, inequalities are at their highest levels in 30 years and are widening. What are the effects, and the policy responses? See our story on inclusive growth.

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  • Future of Work

    The OECD has launched the I am the Future of Work campaign. From students to CEOs, everyone is shaping the future of work and their voices should be at the heart of the debate. The campaign highlights what the future of work means for people and the urgency to build a future that works for all. The Future of Work is now. Have your say!

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  • World Water Week

    World water week, Rights reserved

    World Water Week kicks off in Stockholm on 25 August under the banner of “Water for society–Including all”. The OECD will be there, helping to lead efforts to address crucial issues such as water pollution, financing and transboundary co-operation. Follow the agenda.

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