There is a need and a desire to include a broad range of stakeholders in the conversation on Inclusive Growth. The OECD has aimed to ensure that the development and refinement of the OECD Inclusive Growth Framework has been consultative, to ensure that it is relevant and applicable to broader societal views. The OECD has hosted a range of events to engage in dialogue with a variety of stakeholders from civil society, the private sector, trade unions, NGOs, IGOs, academia and policy makers.


29 March 2016 - Launch of the Inclusive Growth in Cities Campaign 


28 October 2015 -  OECD Public Governance Ministerial Meeting


9 June 2015 - OECD/ESCAP/ADB Regional Consultation on Inclusive Growth in Southeast Asia


21 October 2014 - OECD/NDRC Seminar: Making Inclusive Growth Happen in China / China in a Changing Global Economy 


20-21 May 2014 - OECD ECLAC PSE II Europe-Latin America Economic Forum


24 March 2014 - OECD/NDRC - Urbanisation and Inclusive Growth in China


27 February 2014 - Changing the Conversation on Growth: Going Inclusive

 In partnership with 


3 April 2013 - Together We Stand: Inclusive Growth

 In partnership with 


14-15 November 2013 - OECD/ECLAC Regional Consultation on Inclusive Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean