About the Champion Mayors Initiative

Across the world, local leaders are taking a stand against rising inequalities. Through innovations in health care delivery, to living wage campaigns, from the issuance of official identification cards for all city residents to facilitate access to public services, to mobile apps to improve urban mobility for people with disabilities – mayors and local governments are advancing policies and programmes that aim to boost equity and economic growth.

To support mayors in their efforts and to provide them with a platform for ex‌change, the OECD launched the Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth initiative in March 2016, with support from the Ford Foundation.  The Champion Mayors initiative, developed as part of the All on Board for Inclusive Growth initiative  builds on longstanding OECD work on inequalities , local economic development and urban policy.

Champion Mayors and leaders from the OECD, the Ford Foundation and Supporting Institutions at the second meeting of Champion Mayors, hosted by Mayor Anne Hidalgo in Paris on 21 November.

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Champion Mayor flyer  English  |  French

Key Political Outcomes of Champion Mayors

Paris Action Plan for Inclusive Growth in Cities

New York Proposal for Inclusive Growth in Cities