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The OECD organized the following events at the 2009 IGF: The IGF workshop 95, on Expanding access to the Internet and broadband for development, is a follow-up to the OECD/infoDev workshop on ICT for development.


Workshop 95  Expanding access to the Internet and broadband for development
Day 2 - 16 Nov 09:30 to 11:00 in Room 5: Sphinx    



Chair: Dimitri Ypsilanti, Head of Information, Communication and Consumer Policy Division, OECD 


Keynote Speaker:  Rohan Samarajiva, Executive Director, LIRNE Asia 



  • Tim Kelly, Lead ICT Policy Specialist, infoDev - World Bank
  • Olfat A. Monsef, Vice President of National Telecommunication Regulator, Telecom Services, Egypt 
  • Anriette Esterhuysen, Executive Director, Association for Progressive Communications (APC) /
  • Virat Bhatia, President – External Affairs, AT&T, South Asia


Background documents:

OECD Open Forum:

The importance of Internet Access and Openness for a sustainable economic recovery 
Day 3 - 17 Nov 09. 9:00 - 10:30 How the developing world may participate in the global Internet Economy: Innovation driven by competition
Room 4: Nile Valley


Speakers and a link to their bio/photos follow:

  1. Chair: Richard Beaird, Senior Deputy Coordinator for International Communications and. Information Policy, Department of State, United States
  2. Constance Bommelaer, Senior Manager, Strategic Global Engagement
  3. Taylor Reynolds, Communication Analyst, OECD 
  4. Jacqueline Ruff,  Vice President, International Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Verizon Communications, Representing the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD(BIAC)
  5. Willie Currie, Communications and Information Policy Programme Manager, Association for Progressive Communications (APC), Representing the Civil Society Information Society Advisory Committee to the OECD  (CSISAC)


Background document:
The Role of Communication Infrastructure Investment in Economic Recovery, OECD, 2009


Also see the Workshop on global ICT services sourcing post-crisis: trends and development.


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