OECD Multilateral Tax Centre in Budapest



The Centre is situated fifteen minutes from the centre of Budapest in a recently reconstructed building and serves as a training centre of the Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard. It is a two-storey building that includes the classroom, the seminar rooms, accommodation and other facilities. The address of the Centre is:

Vám- és Pénzügyőrség Vezetőképző Központja

1121 Béla király út 42/a.

Budapest, Hungary

Tel.: (+36 1) 395 8052

Fax: (+36 1) 395 7727


Getting There

Please ensure that you are aware of the visa requirements before departing for Hungary. Upon arrival in Budapest there are three ways to get to the Centre: 


By Airport Minibus

Take the airport minibus directly to the Centre from the airport. However, as the minibus collects more passengers, the journey to and from the airport might take longer. Tickets can be bought at the minibus desk at the airport, show the lady the address set out above. The minibus return ticket will cost as follows. The rate of exchange is about 1 USD to 210 Forint and 1 EUR to 300 Forint (as in March 2013).


HUF 4680 / person / one way ticket

HUF 9000 / person / two way ticket

HUF 5580 / two persons / one way ticket

HUF 10800 / two persons / two ways ticket


If you wish to order the airport minibus for your return journey, you need to order it at least 24 hours in advance on Tel.: (+36 1) 296 8555 or go to the website on:


By Public Transportation Bus and Metro

Take Bus No. 200 E at Liszt Ferenc Airport 2 (arrival floor) to the last station "Kőbánya-Kispest M (9 stops), then

take Metro no.3 (blue line) to DEÁK TÉR, direction Újpest-Központ  (10 stops), then

take Metro no. 2 (red line) to Széll Kàlmàn Tér, direction Déli pályaudvar  (3 stops), then

at Széll Kálmán tér M take bus no.155 direction Zugligeti út felé (14 stops) and get off at Béla király út


Costs: either buy a weekly ticket that cost 4950 HUF / 17 Euros

Or buy individual tickets: cost 350 HUF/each / 1,18 Euros

Or buy ticket package (10pcs): 3000 HUF/ 10 Euro


By Taxi

There are four companies offering “fixed airport transfer rates”:

-   FOTAXI taxi: Tel.: (+36 1) 222 2222,  5100 HUF (this price is guaranteed only when travelling from the airport to Budapest).

-  Citytaxi:  Tel.: (+36 1) 2 111 111,  5,800 HUF (price to and from the airport);

- Tele5taxi:  Tel.: (+36 1) 2 222 222,  5,100 HUF (price to and from the airport).


The Fötaxi is the official taxi company at the airport with a guaranteed price.


The airport has a foreign exchange office and it is advisable to change some of your money there because no banking facilities are located in the vicinity of the Centre. In the centre of Budapest there are many opportunities to change at better rates than at the airport exchange facility. Credit and bank cards are widely accepted, so if you plan to do your shopping in Budapest you can pay with them. In some restaurants though it is advisable to pay with cash.


Note that there are two main terminals at the airport in Budapest which are situated at some distance from each other. Ferihegy 1 for low-cost airlines and Ferihegy 2 for other airlines. There are also two parts at Ferihegy 2: 2/A and 2/B. It is helpful when you arrive to check which terminal your outward flight leaves from and to write this on your ticket to make sure that you do not end up in the wrong terminal.


Accommodation and Meals

All experts and event participants will be accommodated free of charge at the Centre (including Saturday night and Friday night as well). This provides the maximum opportunity for interaction and dialogue between experts and participants and flexibility in relation to the development of the event. Although the Centre is not a hotel it provides towels, soap, etc. The Centre is quite comfortable and most people who stay there find it quite attractive. A swimming pool and a sauna is also available at previously agreed times.

The Centre has a restaurant where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner free of charge. This restaurant is open each day from 07:00 to 09:00, 12:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 19:00 (subject to flexibility according to the agenda of the event), it is not usually open at weekends. If you have any special dietary requests (e.g. you are a vegetarian), please contact Mr. Róbert Csabai in due time.


Office Facilities and Support Staff

Our contact point in the Centre is Mr. Róbert Csabai, who speaks English, German and Hungarian. He will normally be on hand to welcome you. If he is not present when you arrive, the local staff will have your name and details and can help you.

Mr. Róbert Csabai can usually be found in the OECD office in the basement of the building where you will find telephone, fax and wireless Internet for your use. The classroom is equipped with an overhead projector and whiteboard as well as interpretation equipment for three languages. A technician is available on site for any problems that may arise with the interpretation equipment, he speaks some English and is very helpful.


Social Events

Participants are invited to a welcome drink on Monday evening and after that to a dinner together with a short sightseeing tour around Budapest by Night. All experts and participants are invited to these events as we find that this provides a good opportunity to get to know the participants on a social level and considerably enhances the discussions in the classroom in subsequent days. Details of social events will be provided by Mr. Róbert Csabai.


Touring Budapest

Experts and Participants usually spend some evenings and any weekend days available visiting Budapest. Public buses are available. You should purchase a ticket which costs 350 HUF (1,15 Euro) from the reception as you cannot purchase tickets on the bus.  If you would like to purchase a 7 day weekly ticket which costs 4950 HUF (17 Euro), please indicate this to so that the Centre can have these available for you to purchase at the front desk at your arrival. Tickets can also be purchased at DELI PU and MOSZKVA TER metro stations. The bus that serves the Centre stops at these stations.       

You can also take the bus which takes about fifteen minutes to get to the nearest metro station in the centre of Budapest.  Other information on fares, routes and timetables can be found on In the evenings it is usually easiest to take a taxi but make sure that you get a reasonably priced firm. Mr. Róbert Csabai or the doorman will be very happy to order a taxi for you. Taxis in the ranks outside hotels are usually very expensive.

If you are staying in Budapest for the weekend and wish to be located downtown, there are the usual four and five star international chains in the city as well as cheaper hotels. For information on tourism, accommodation and tourist cards visit


Further Information

Please do not hesitate to contact the following person if you have any queries about the administration of the event or workshop:

Global Relations Team, OECD, Paris

Mr. Róbert Csabai, Budapest
Phone:+36 1 79-51539