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  • 2-August-2005


    Long-term Care for Older People

    Long-term care is a cross-cutting policy issue that brings together a range of services for persons who are dependent on help with basic activities of daily living. How do governments in OECD countries respond to this growing demand? What has been done to improve access to long-term care, improve quality of services and make care affordable?

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  • 31-May-2005


    Dynamics of Biotechnology Research and Industry in India: Statistics, Perspectives and Key Policy Issues (STI Working Paper 2005/6)

    This paper provides an inventory of biotechnology data collection in India, including an assessment of how the need for biotechnology-related statistics is being addressed. It also presents an overview of the status of biotechnology in India, with a focus on the agricultural and health sectors.

  • 27-May-2005


    A Framework for Biotechnology Statistics

    This framework is intended to provide the basis for statistical compilation work within OECD member countries and those non-member countries wishing to adopt the standards.

  • 4-May-2005


    Statistical Definition of Biotechnology

    This document sets out the provisional, single definition and list-based definitions of biotechnology.

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  • 25-April-2005

    English, , 1,579kb

    OECD Summary Report of a Large-Scale Survey on Molecular Genetic Testing Laboratory Practices across 18 OECD Countries

    In 2003 the OECD ran a large-scale survey on molecular genetic testing laboratory practices across 18 OECD countries. The survey was completed October 31, 2003. This report highlights short-term objectives of the survey.

  • 25-November-2004


    OECD Study on Private Health Insurance

    The OECD Study on Private Health Insurance was completed between 2001 and 2004, and assessed the role that private health insurance (PHI) plays in OECD member countries. This page lists all reports released as part of the study.

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  • 18-November-2004


    Biotechnology Statistics Progress Report 2004

    Statistical work on biotechnology is carried out under the aegis of the OECD Working Party of National Experts on Science and Technology Indicators (NESTI). The above document gives the outcome of the 2004 experts' meeting.

  • 17-November-2004


    Private Health Insurance in OECD Countries - The OECD Health Project

    What is the impact of private health insurance on health systems? This report provides the first-ever comparative analysis of the role

  • 19-October-2004


    Towards High-Performing Health Systems: Policy Studies

    This volume contains a selection of the policy studies constituting the OECD Health Project.

  • 8-October-2004


    Towards A Global Biological Resource Centre Network

    Biological resources are the foundation of all biological sciences research. They provide the source material for scientific investigation, leading to many of the discoveries on which biotechnology is founded.

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